Seria Victus

2nd Lieutenant C-Sec Special Response Operative


Stress Tracks
Health: 〇〇〇
Composure: 〇〇〇〇〇
Assets: 〇〇〇〇

Sniper Rifle
- Harm: 2
- Range: 2-6
- AP: 3
- SP: 1
- Aspect: Overheated

Heavy Sniper Rifle
- Harm: 4
- Range: 2-6
- AP: 4
- SP: 2
- Stunt: High Recoil (can only fire once every other turn unless prone); Awkward Reload (overheated is always free-tagable to enemies)
- Aspect: Overheated

Hand Cannon
- Harm: 2
- Range: 0-2
- AP: 1
- SP: 0
- Aspect: Concealed, Overheated

Skill Tree
5: Tactics
4: Heavy Weapons (Military-Grade), Light Weapons (Military-Grade)
3: Agility, Alertness, Computers
2: Resolve, Intimidation, Communications, Assets
1: Micro-G, EVA, Stealth, Engineering, Gunnery

(Skills to change: Light Weapons↑/Tactics↓)

- Military Grade – Heavy Weapons
- Military Grade – Light Weapons
- Lucky

Cloaking Device (roll as maneuver)
- Aspects: Invisibility, Tell-Tell Shimmer
Smoke Grenades (Harm: 0; Range: 1-2; AP: 0; SP: 0)
- Stunts: Thrown, Explosive
- Aspects: Out of Ammo, Smokey (Obscured Vision)

Aspect Descriptions
- By the Book – Follows the law, dedicated to upholding law and order.
- Motherfuckin’ Pirates – Strong hatred of pirates and mercenaries, kills them mercilessly.
- Check Your Fire – Issues with self-doubt when firing, but when she’s sure, she’s sure.
- “Race Traitor” – More sympathetic to the cause of humans, but at the cost of a certain amount of suspicion from her Turian colleagues.
- I’ve Always Got Your Flower, Sir – She was not able to defend him them, so she does whatever it takes to defend and protect those she cares about.
- The 4-Eyed Whale – Unable to let Quintus’s case go, and is constantly searching for more information concerning the Batarian contacts.
- Off the Grid – Inherent distrust of the system (bonuses to assets and contacts)
- Turian Sniper – Long history working as a sharp shooter.
- Have a Varren to Feed – Needs constant source of income to feed pet varren and send money back to father on Palaven.
- Where I Don’t Belong – Tendency to put her nose(holes?) where they don’t belong, sometimes to her detriment.


Character History
Growing Up
She was born and raised on Palaven, primarily by her father. Her mother was largely absent because she worked for C-Sec and spent most of her time on the Citadel, whereas her father worked on the home planet. Her parents were divorced, but their relationship was good. Seria was originally the youngest of two children, but her older brother Marius died in his teens when Seria was 9. They were on the way back from the Citadel visiting their mother when they were hit by pirates just outside the system, and her brother was killed in gunfire. Seria, however, managed to make it out alive with a few scars, the most prominent on her face just below her right eye. It was due to this situation Seria wanted to follow her mother and go into law enforcement.
- Aspect: By the Book
- Aspect: Motherfuckin’ Pirates

Starting Out
At the age of 15, Seria formerly entered the Turian military. When she enlisted, the Turians were more or less at peace, but the Relay 314 incident occurred in her first year of training, and she was shortly thereafter deployed to the war theater. She had been training as a sniper and in tech, so this is when she was able to flex her new abilities. She was sent to maintain the occupation of Shanxi, but during the occupation, she received orders to fire on a fleeing family. She followed these orders, killing a woman and one of her young children, but after this incident Seria was no longer fit for military combat and the superior who gave her that order was found to be corrupt and ultimately forced out of the military. Seria stayed in the military for another five years working primarily on and immediately around Palaven, but when she was 20 she wanted to atone for mistakes by joining C-Sec in hopes of making a difference. She holds no animosity towards humans, and after the event, it could be said that she has a certain amount of sympathy for their cause.
- Aspect: Check Your Fire
- Aspect: “Race Traitor”

Moment of Crisis
She has been working her way through the ranks in C-Sec, employed for the special operations department as a sniper. She has also grown quite close to one of her superiors, a colonel in the same department named Quintus Tiberian, but due to the difference in their rank they are not able to act on any romantic feelings. Instead, she is his right-hand man, and her relationship with him begins to mend some of her trust issues towards superior officers.

In 2175, there is a situation involving another high-ranked C-Sec officer who has been working with the Batarians to trade people off the Citadel into slavery via kidnapping and other nefarious methods (including a young relative of one of the Asari council members). Her department had been working with the C-Sec detectives to find who was doing it, but in the last minute a leak informs this high ranking officer that Seria’s team is coming to deal with them, and he takes hostages. Quintus goes in to negotiate with said officer, as they were in training together and have a long personal history, but one of the lower ranking people involved with the slavers panics and shoots, killing Quintus, which Seria sees through her scope. Shots are fired on all sides, resulting in the death of the betraying C-Sec officer before he can be questioned, effectively killing any leads to his Batarian contacts.

(JB, a human officer working with the Special Ops is immediately demoted—not due to any fault on his part, but Quintus did not hold the same animosity towards humans that many Turians do, and without him to keep JB in his rank, he was demoted to patrol duties in the Zakara Ward.)

Seria was heavily distraught at the death of Quintus. While before the hostage situation, she restricted herself primarily to her job description, she begins to work outside of it after his death. Seria is unable to let the lead to the Batarian slavers go, so she starts to look into this matter outside of work.
- Aspect: I’ve Always Got Your Flower, Sir
- Aspect: The 4-Eyed Whale

She was hired by Myra Qest as a sniper for a public event where the Hanar Diplomat was speaking. There was a plot to cause an electric explosion which would take out the Diplomat, so Myra hired Seria along with a number of other C-Sec officers to stand-by. She does manage to take out some shifty-looking Jellyfish, and the Diplomat made it out of the speech alive. Job well done.
- Aspect: Off the Grid
- Aspect: Turian Sniper

On Your Own
In 2177, two years after the death of Quintus, Seria is still looking for answers. She is continuing the work that Quintus had started by investigating in to the disappearance of citizens on the Citadel—the death of the betraying C-Sec officer did not halt the Batarian slave trade channels. She has gained a number of contacts through her own investigations, and she has also been working on her hacking abilities. Seria learned some technical skills during her training with the Turian military, but with her knew “hobbies,” she has become much more proficient in hacking computers and surveillance systems. Also, she has begun to grow a little distant from C-Sec, feeling that she could bring people to justice more effectively outside the system than within. She still works there, however, because she does have a varren to feed after all—that said, if an opportunity arose that could justify leaving C-Sec, she would take it.
- Aspect: Have a Varren to Feed
- Aspect: Where I Don’t Belong

Seria Victus

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