Petraeus Dal


Petraeus Dal

Character History
2177 CE

Growing Up
Petraeus was born on Daleon to small arms manufacturers Mori Tull and Qwenton Olun. Raised in the family trade, Petraeus developed a quick mechanical understanding of weapons, using his parents’ equipment to manufacture custom weaponry, the majority of which spontaneously detonated due to his penchant for making his weapons “shoot harder”

1- “Voided Warranty”
Refers to Petraeus’ engineering prowess, but also his penchant to forego safety precautions which may lead to malfunction and further complications on machines he repairs or as he puts it: “improves”.

2- “Non-Monetary Kickbacks”
Petraeus has a familial knowlege of and respect for firepower, perhaps more than is considered reasonable.

Starting Out
Upon coming into adulthood, Petraeus was quick to enlist in the Volus military as a means of capitalizing on his natural affinity for weaponry. He was commended for his prowess, but often found himself at odds with his drill instructors and later his commanding officers. Though his reckless behavior denied him assignment on the Kwunu dreadnought, he was deployed on a front line bomber as a security officer, much to his dismay.

3- “Eyeball It”
"Petraeus Dal of company Delta Twelve remains decisive and displays excellent initiative in the face of combat, but he often causes friction against authority personnel, being described by Sergeant Valen as: “an [expletive] little [expletive]”

4- “Leeroy Jenkins”
Loathes the impersonal, detached combat of the Volus bombers, prefers to be in the thick of combat

Moment of Crisis
“Myra Qest, Drell bodyguard”
Serving mandatory duty in a Volus military publicity event on the citadel during a recent bid by the Volus for council membership, Petraeus disobeys official orders and becomes involved in a hostage situation involving a Hanar diplomat in the care of Drell bodyguard Myra Qest. Working wth Myra under the false identity of C-Sec conflict resolutions personnel, Petraeus ultimately resolves the situation, albeit with excessive collateral damage and injured civilians including the Hanar hostage. The incident is ultimately considered a bloodbath, and Petraeus’ involvement sees the Volus negotiations soured and Petraeus dishonorably discharged from the Volus Military.

5- “No showpony”
Guns are a simple machine. They make no bones about their use, and what they are. Unfortunately some folks tend to resent that. I like to strive to be the same way.

6- “Polarizing Report”
Depending on who you ask, every hero is a monster and every criminal is a saint. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

Following a disagreement with a Vorcha gun runner in the Citadel’s Zakera ward over the purchase of some less than , an ensuing altercation with the Vorcha’s lackeys attracted the attention and eventual action of C-Sec officer Jean Babtiste Leroux, making the fight “unfairly stacked… against the Vorcha”

7- “Business Expenses”
You need to spend money to make money. You also need to spend it in the right (or wrong) places.

8- “Hard Bargain”
Just because you win, doesn’t mean anyone’s inclined to like you. Doubly so if they’re losers.

On Your Own
Petraeus now makes his living as a mercenary, often taking on jobs in transport and merchandise protection for less-than-legal trade. Due to a recent trend for pirates to use repurposed droids to breach frigate hulls, mercenaries are expected to provide external personnel support and become versed in the use of zero-gravity personal propulsion gear. Petraeus’ natural affinity for weaponry and technology makes him a natural at the work.

9- “For a price”
You can’t own a person, but I’m available for rent.

10- “Floater”
Some people take to Micro G better than others. The same can be said for solid ground.

Skill Pyramid
5-Light Weapons
4-Micro G, EVA
3-Brokerage, Intimidation, Stamina (Track)
2-Alertness, Engineering (Space), Repair, Resolve (Track)
1-Gunnery (Space), Assets (Track), Tactics, Culture/Tech, Profession (Mercenary)

Have a thing: Vac suit
“My Little Friend”: Nearby allies may use my Intimidation skill up to +3
Military grade Light Weapons

Health (Stamina) [] [] [] [] []
Wealth (Assets) [] [] [] []
Composure (Resolve) [] [] [] []


Petraeus Dal

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