Myra Qest

Drell serving her Compact as the bodyguard to a hanar diplomat.


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- Submachine Gun: 1 HARM, 0-3 RANGE, 1 ARMOR PEN, 0 SHIELD PEN
- Omni-Blade: 1 HARM, 0 RANGE, 1 ARMOR PEN, 0 SHIELD PEN
- Armor 1 (Light Armor)

Level 5: Alertness
Level 4: Resolve, Light Weapons
Level 3: Stealth, Brawling, Agility
Level 2: Biotics, Assets, Stamina, MicroG
Level 1: Communications, Computers, Culture, Oratory, Medical

Note: 06/27/2013 Because of sneaking, switched Stealth with Stamina

- Have A Thing: Venomous Skin (can also cause hallucinations!)
- Military Grade: Light Weapons
- Military Grade: Resolve

- Total Recall: Being a drell, Myra has pure memory: the ability to perfectly recall any moment. This is quite useful, but a double-edged sword; drell memories’ vividness can sometimes be a crippling distraction.
- Loyalty to the Compact: Most drell feel the same bond of allegiance to the hanar that they feel towards their own species. Therefore Myra can weigh the wellbeing of drell and hanar more than that of other species.
- Sworn Shield: Myra has undergone intensive training specialized towards being a bodyguard. Therefore all of her combat is naturally more defensive than offensive. She might be inclined to protect those who cannot protect themselves rather than a more pragmatic approach.
- Neutrality Complex: With her primary interests on the fringe of Citadel politics, in the spheres of hanar and drell interest, she views nearly everything else with an analytic neutrality; this also applies to nearly everything else she doesn’t have a stake or claim in.
- Cloak and Dagger: The direct approach is a dangerous one. Myra will often attempt to solve altercations through subterfuge and other indirect means, making her somewhat awkward in situations that must resolve more directly.
- Information Technician: Myra has been trained to locate and decrypt great deals of information, both physical and digital. This has, however, made her quite paranoid, which can sometimes afflict her judgment in tight situations.
- Let Me See Your Badge: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Myra is very critical of people’s claims, often requiring proof from them of their intentions before carrying on.
- Wait For My Signal: Myra often does not act without the go of superiors or others that she is working with, so when she has that, she is very efficient, but on spur-of-the-moment decisions, she often falters.
- Blood Is Thicker Than Rocket Fuel: Among other things. Loyalty to family will, in nearly all cases, override whatever plans or intentions Myra has.
- Freedom!: Myra has been, for years, under the direction and leadership of others. Now that she’s mostly on her own, she is very excited by her new freedom, but she isn’t quite acclimated to it yet.



Growing Up: Myra grew up on Kahje in the dome city of Vasyaka. Her father, Myrten Qest, was often away during her childhood as he served his Compact — he worked in whatever capacities were needed aboard a hanar vessel, searching known space for more planets of hanar interest (thus largely aquatic). She lived with her mother, Irya, who worked a regular job on Kahje, having been released from her shorter-term Compact. She has good relationships with both of her parents; she is very close with her mother, and she also maintains a good relationship with her father by regularly speaking with him by way of Extranet messaging.
Her scores in both academic classes and physical training were reported to the hanar government, who would screen young drell for good applicants for the Compact. Because of her high scores in both areas, she received a request from a hanar diplomat, Nyndrid, on the Citadel to serve her Compact as his bodyguard (and assistant, informant, etc.). She quickly accepts, happy to serve; she has a very positive view on the Compact, her family having benefited greatly from it.
ASPECTS: Total Recall, Loyalty to the Compact

Starting Out: After accepting the request for her Compact, she spent the next few years in intensive training on Kahje for her new position. She was trained in combat techniques specialized for work as a bodyguard, as well as mental strengthening, infiltration methods, several ways of information-gathering, and classes on the cultures of all the Citadel species.
After her training, she was shipped off to the Citadel, where she first met the hanar diplomat, Nyndrid. Their relationship was initially cool, as she was not quite prepared for the intense politeness and distance of hanar interaction. As they worked together more, however, she grew acclimated to this and they started to grow closer and trust one another more completely.
When it comes to the First Contact War, Myra sees both sides due to her lack of interaction or any particular sympathy with either the humans or the turians. She is, however, wary with the changing political climates on the Citadel due to the recent and sizable influx of human influence.
ASPECTS: Sworn Shield, Neutrality Complex

Moment of Crisis: Myra intercepts an Extranet communication bearing Nyndrid’s name and finds out that it is a plot to stage a serious “accident” which would result in the death of the diplomat, allowing another ambitious hanar to assume his position and power. The message explained that they would create a serious electrical malfunction in an area that the diplomat was giving a speech, causing an explosion which would kill Nyndrid and several of the audience.
She reports this news to the diplomat and also suggests that they catch them in the act rather than going straight after them, which might spook them. Nyndrid agrees and they call C-Sec, who pairs them with the turian sniper Seria Victus in order to set up a special op in order to interrupt the plot.
Because of the details that they learned through the decryption, they are able to stop the bombing and also apprehend all the suspects. Myra and Nyndrid unofficially accept one another into their respective families, and Myra learns Nyndrid’s soul name.
ASPECTS: Cloak and Dagger, Information Technician

ASPECTS: Let Me See Your Badge, “Wait For My Signal!”

ASPECTS: Blood Is Thicker Than Rocket Fuel, Freedom!

Myra Qest

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