Jean-Baptiste Leroux

"Sir, you are in violation of several dozen Citadel Ward Ordinances. You are strongly advised to surrender".



Military Grade (M.C.) Brawling
M.C. Bitotics
Biotic Amp


(5) Biotics (4) Brawling, Alertness (3)Resolve, Stamina, light weapons (2)EVA, Agility, Intimidation, Stealth (1) Assets, Medicine, Charm, Bureacracy

History: (Note: The Sidetracked phase occurs slightly before the Moment of crisis, in terms of sequence—no more than a couple months.)

Growing up

Born to a French Canadian space miner/adventurer and a Mexican-American police officer in the current era 2155 in America’s wholesome heartland of Federal District 7, Jean-Baptiste had a happy childhood until his father died (leaving behind a staggering amount of debt).

Aspects: “Rough Stock” “Bills, Bills, Bills

Starting Out

At 14, it becomes apparent to the United States government that JBL has freakishly strong biotic potential. He is Strongly Encouraged to go through a rigorous training program for the better part of a decade, a decision helped along by the ever-rising mountain of bills faced by his mother. After graduation, he is assigned to C-Sec as a gesture of goodwill and co-operation between Humanity and the Turians, and put under the command of Colonel Quintus Tiberian (who quickly becomes his hero and mentor).

Aspects: “Be the Man of the House! Join up now!” “I can kill you with my brain (if my brain doesn’t kill me)”

Moment of Crisis

While patrolling the seedy underbelly of the citadel, still seething with rage and grief at the death of his commanding officer, JBL witness a pack of Vorcha menacing an upstanding Volus merchant. Having his radio-hails ignored by Central, he decides on a more Direct Approach to law and order—testing the close quarters combat methods taught by Colonel Tiberian.
Unfortunately, this results in new and exciting demotions.

Aspects: “Thanks for the moves, Colonel” “If they don’t need me, then I don’t need them”


Jean would happily follow Quintus into the darkest parts of the galaxy, but was less than pleased at being ordered to cover the back while the Colonel went into a hostage negotion alone. Hearing shots fired, he disobeys orders and breaches the perimeter; witnessing his role model bleed to death on the floor, JB further disobeys orders by not taking any prisoners…

Aspects: “Shouldn’t have let you go alone, sir” “Hell is hottest for traitors and slavers”


Finding himself on the bottom of C-Sec, Jean-Baptiste is given a pistol, a flak jacket, and booted out the door towards duties deemed too boring or too dangerous by his co-workers. They didn’t even assign him a partner. Even with an ugly reputation and a terrible assignment, JB still tries to live up to the deceased Colonel’s ethical and professional standards.

Aspects: “WWTCD (What Would the Colonel Do?)” “Bottom of the food chain”

Jean-Baptiste Leroux

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